Ulysses Taranaki

News 2020

Club Ride - Waitomo Loop - 16-02-2020

Oh my, the Sherrif's coffers are going to be full of 'gold' this Wednesday at Club Night. Those of you on the ride today, come if you dare ... !!
We all gathered on time at 3A. Well, at that time we thought we were all there. But, when we were at the Cafe, we got a text from Janice asking if we were still leaving at 9.30am!!!! Fine 1: Janice and Graeme.
Last to arrive, but not late, was Al and Wendy. They came to a screeching stop, Wendy hopped off, Al shut the bike down, hopped off and took off the pillion seat, grabbed some tools, spilling them all on the ground and hurriedly set about adjusting the gear pedal. We were all concerned at what was going on. But Al was sporting a new pair of boots (very cute ones) and was struggling to change gear in them. Fine 2: Al for not sorting out his booties and gear pedal before the ride.
So off we go. We regroup at Mokau and then at PioPio where some had to refuel. That, in itself is not a problem but ...  Fine 3: Shane for parking up his bike with the indicator still flashing. AND ...  Fine 4: Jeff for riding his bike from the road side to the pump and back to the road side without a helment. AND ...  Fine 5: Martin for riding his bike in the petrol station with his indicator still on and his helmet half on ... or was it half off? 
On we rode to the Tomo Bar and Eatery. All arrived safely.   Fine 6: Shane, for banging on the windows to be let in to the restaurant an hour earlier than it opened. 
After that, we had a lovely meal and catch up on the ride there. 
Except for  Fine 7:​ Al ... who forgot to do up his jacket on the way back. AND  Fine 8:​ Martin who decided to act like a pirate by turning up his leather pants over his boots.
So the only riders that didn't get a fine were Bernard, Brian, Wendy and me. Aren't we awesome???
It really was a lovely ride enjoyed by all who came along.

Summer Hangi at Suzie and Andrew's 15-02-2020

Perfect is really the only way to describe this evening and Andrew's and Suzie's.
Andrew had prepared the Hangi in advance ... what a lot of work went into that. Thank you Andrew! The food comprised Pork, Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Stuffing, Potatoes and Kumara. Everyone brought either snacks, salad or desert. As always, there was plenty of everything. The excitement was getting up the Hangi ... and we all gathered around to see it being done. A perfect pit with perfectly heated stones (albeit somewhat controversial given the fire ban ... but hey, who is judging). The food was cooked to perfection!!  So ... a perfect Hangi.
The weather was another item of perfection. Warm, slight breeze ... perfect.
The setting was perfect ... in their beautiful front garden off the deck ... tables all arranged and ready to host the evening.
There was a delicious balance of snacks to salads to desert ... perfect!
According to some, the music selection was perfect too ... there are some that may challenge this but to be fair, they are not writing the story so they don't count!!
Of course, the perfect amount of people attended too ... creating a perfect social event!
So perfect all round.

Club Lunch, Stumble Inn 02-02-2020.
We had a very good turn out today around 38 in all.

There was Bill's birthday and he was also presented with his 10 year service badge. Jenny Ransley also received her membership pack, Ulysses number 10006. This also was the last event that Suzzie will our Branch President as she will be taking up a new role as National Secretary at the next National A.G.M. All the best Suzie!!

Club BBQ at Martin and Gem's Place. 18.01.20

What a turn out for the first Summer BBQ! About 20 arrived and what a lovely evening was had by all ... 'twas a wee bit windy and perhaps a bit chilly, but we brought out the "yetti jacket" beautifully modelled by Janet! The food, as always was plentiful and delicious. The company and the conversation was, as usual, entertaining, interesting and filled with laughter and fun. Alan needed attention after he removed his protective thumb cover (he'd had stitches that were healing) and Nurse Wendy flew into action ... securing the wounded site against any germs!!Later in the evening, Newt seronaded us with "Barry Gibb-esc" high notes of any tune playing ... and he did a great job - on key!!! There was the usual cutting of shapes and boppy moves as the music amped up to annoy any neighbours (who thankfully didn't complain!).  Blair took a couple of videos which we tried to delete ... we may be held to ransom yet!!!   

​All in all another great evening with great people ... please do come to the next one!! 

CLub Lunch - 05.01.20

What a turn out for the first Club Lunch of the year! Lots of chatter and wishing of a fab 2020! We had a new waitress who managed our orders quite well for her first time! It was a lovely way to start 2020 with everyone!